Encore III: Family Knots
After two successful presentations, The Necessary Stage’s Theatre for Seniors is back with Encore III: Family Knots.
Featuring a series of short plays mostly conceived by the participants, Encore III: Family Knots depicts different aspects of family life and the challenges of living in multi-racial and multi-lingual Singapore.
Be prepared to laugh, cry and be tickled by the witty, humorous and emotionally charged performances by the members of Theatre for Seniors.

18 & 19 March 2011, 8pm
19 & 20 March 2011, 3pm
Marine Parade Community Club Theatrette


Some of the plays featured in Encore III: Family Knots include:
The Golden Girls
The dreary and drab lives of two 60-year-old ladies changes when a youthful looking lady joins them at the old folks’ home. Is this the beginning of a fun-filled new phase of life for them?
Dad, Why?
SK, a lonely 66-year-old Chinese widower and Shanti, a 55-year-old Indian nurse fall in love. Will SK’s two daughters in Sydney approve of their marriage?

The Last Laugh
Ah Ma is well aware of the intentions of her three children who want her to sell the family home. Will the wise old lady succumb to their persuasion?
Old Mr. Zhang’s House Sutra (presented in Mandarin)
A nosey Mrs. Zhang relishes in gossiping about her neighbours and is unaware that her seemingly normal family is going to have more drama in a day than she can ever imagine.
Leaving Home
The struggle of a mother trying to come to terms with the idea that her daughter does not wish to return to Singapore after finishing her studies in Australia.