Don't Forget To Remember Me
When Madam Wong begins her retirement, all she can think of is enjoying her golden years with rest and serenity, surrounded by family and friends. However, rest turns into restlessness as she starts to lose her short-term memory. Her dream of a peaceful life soon becomes a nightmare of remembering and forgetting.   

Presented by The Necessary Stage and commissioned by the Alzheimer’s Diseases Association, this brand new play deals with the trials and tribulations of people suffering from Dementia and their struggles to come to terms with their illness.   

In Singapore, about 5 percent of people above 65 suffer from Dementia. It is an illness which causes brain cells to die at a faster rate than normal. This leads to failing memory, deterioration of intellectual function and personality changes.

Dementia is not normal ageing.  

A touching and thought-provoking play, presented in Mandarin and English, with surtitles.
Written by:
Haresh Sharma

Directed by: 
Alvin Tan
Goh Guat Kian
Karen Tan
Timothy Nga
Sukania Venugopal
Thursday, 26 March– Saturday, 28 March 2009, 8pm
Saturday, 28 March 2009, 3pm
Jubilee Hall
$10 (excluding SISTIC ticketing fee) available at all SISTIC authorised agents